Social Justice the New World Peace?

Jonah Goldberg's latest book, The Tyranny of Cliches may not be as much of a blockbuster as his previous book, Liberal Fascism, but it has some earth shattering moments. Especially his chapter on “Social Justice.” That phrase is the mantra on everyone's list (or mission statement), from the AFL-CIO (of course) to The Ford Foundation to various speeches given mostly by Democrats. As Miss America contestants have long stood for World Peace, so now everyone [...]

When Dowd Sounds like Van Susteren

Maureen Dowd is hardly the voice of conservatism in American politics. She normally toes the Democratic Party line, or, at the least, takes her stand with the left-leaning voices on everything from abortion to foreign policy. But anyone reading her editorial column in yesterday's New York Times would have wondered if her column had been hijacked by Greta Van Susteren or even Laura Ingraham. She blisters the White House and the State Department in light [...]

Plain Folk Religion in the Sun Belt

One of the big questions many of us have had about why Southern California became the place that championed Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, and then Ronald Reagan for the presidency, why Southern California became a place where huge conservative mega-churches were founded, why Southern California became a place where mighty entrepreneurial empires were founded in the post-depression era. That question has been answered in careful historical detail by Darren Dochuk in his From Bible Belt [...]